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Over two million people are hurt or disabled each year in auto accidents. If you’ve suffered an auto injury, Cam Truong, DC, and her caring team at MyChiropractor in Columbia, Maryland, can help. Chiropractic care works to repair the damage and can get you back on your feet sooner. If you need help managing chronic pain or healing damage from your auto accident, call the office or book an appointment online to begin your path to recovery today.

Auto Accident Q&A

Why should I see a chiropractor after an auto accident?

Many people delay treatment after an auto accident. Between your job and your family, you may feel that you’re too busy for chiropractic care. But untreated auto injuries can be devastating to your health.

Auto accident injuries are often very painful and may get worse if they aren’t properly treated. Yet, it can sometimes be difficult for physicians to treat auto injuries effectively. If you’re still struggling weeks or months after the accident, your doctor may recommend surgery or pain medications. But for many patients, neither of these options seems attractive.

MyChiropractor provides drug-free treatments that do more than mask symptoms. Instead of masking pain, chiropractic care and physical therapy encourages your body to heal itself. Physical therapy can also help you adapt to any temporary or permanent physical changes created by the injury.

How does chiropractic care help with auto accident injuries?

Car accidents often cause serious injury, and pain from a car accident can last for months or even years. Chiropractic care helps promote healing and relieve pain after an accident or injury.

Your chiropractor will teach you therapeutic exercises to help with pain management. At MyChiropractor, your specialist will also use manual therapy techniques to help reduce your pain.

Chiropractic techniques can speed up your recovery. After an injury, you may need help improving your range of motion and rebuilding muscle strength. Regular physical therapy sessions at MyChiropractor can also help increase flexibility, balance, and more.

What happens during an auto accident evaluation? 

When you see a specialist at MyChiropractor after experiencing an auto injury, the first step is to review your medical history. Your provider will examine your X-rays, ask questions about what symptoms you are experiencing, and ask how severe your pain is.

Next, your provider will create a personalized treatment plan to help restore your quality of life as quickly as possible. During treatment, your specialist will monitor you carefully and modify your program based on your symptoms.

They will use many different techniques to build a comprehensive rehabilitation strategy. Additional treatments like cupping, vibration therapy, and other therapeutic modalities can complement active exercises and may enable you to return to normal activities sooner.

To get help recovering from an auto accident injury, call MyChiropractor or book an appointment online today.

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